DeepPap aims to provide an ultra-fast whole slide imaging platform (hardware and software) with real-time image diagnosis capabilities based on our deep learning engine with a single mouse click.  Our first target disease is cervical cancer screening via Pap smear tests. Typically, cervix cell samples will be swapped from a cervix and then be checked for abnormalities under a microscope which would normally take 10-15 mins per biopsy slide. Our technology can perform the same function within seconds.  Furthermore, other diseases that need to be biopsied as gold standard procedures can also be diagnosed through our imaging platform.  With Digital economy development, there will be novel avenues for our products to exponentially grow such  remotely diagnose biopsy slide, telemedicine, and real-time vital signs monitoring. At DeepPap, Inc., we not only deliver profitable returns to our investors but also save human lives.